Festival: Tambours d’Afrique

Tambours d’Afrique comprises a collection of Djembe drums, Djun Djun and bells. The Djembe has its roots in West Africa, but it has gained huge popularity in the West over the past couple of decades. Traditionally, it is a goblet-shaped, wooden drum, which is open at the base, and has a single skin made from more »

Festival: Writers events

A large part of this year’s annual Darlington Arts Festival is dedicated to writers, both new and existing, with a variety of events taking place across all four days. You can learn more about published authors and how they work, or try your hand at writing poetry at the workshops, then read your work at more »

Festival: ‘Zog’ at The Hippodrome

Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s much-loved children’s story Zog comes to life in Mike Shepherd’s magical adaptation with Johnny Flynn’s sumptuous folk score featuring live musicians. Katie Sykes’ design lifts the book from the page and creates a real and fantastical world on stage. Large in size, and keen in nature, Zog is so eager more »

Festival: Belly Giggles!

This comedy workshop and ‘open mic’ event are suitable for children aged 7 years and over. Come along and join a friendly comedy workshop specially for kids where you can have a laugh and a giggle, write some jokes, try out some stand-up comedy or make up a sketch. Then, if you fancy having a more »