A walk in the park at the Festival

Saturday May 6 during Darlington Arts Festival sees A Walk in the Park
St Andrew’s Church, Haughton-Le-Skerne, Darlington, DL1 2DD 7:30 pm
An evening of light music and poetry presented by the Take4 Clarinet Quartet and Helen Winthorpe Kendrick. On the walk through the park you will encounter all sorts of activities. There are the lovers holding hands spending time together, enjoying their saunter. The musicians on the band-stand are playing for all their worth to an audience who are enjoying the sun and time away from work. Then there is the lake with all its wildlife. Explore through music, humour and poetry the goings-on during a ‘walk in the park’.
Adults: £8 School Children: £1 Ticket includes cheese and wine
Telephone: 01325 332592 Email: take4@kendrick.me.uk