john rutherford

A night with John Rutherford at the Festival

Author and raconteur John R Rutherford will be appearing at Darlington Arts Festival.
Event details
Monday May 15 Voodoo Café, Skinnergate 7.30pm
An Evening with S John Rutherford – Come along to experience an author who likes the sound of his own voice. Bear witness to why spelling is important and why the arts should be controlled by a paternalistic and prescriptive elite. Best described as ‘A Triumph of The What?’, it would be funny if some of it was true. Would you be happy if your manservant or maid attended this performance? Unsuitable for children, adolescents or adults, this is the incoherent rambling of someone trained in the paradox of ignorance (may contain poetry and short stories).
Tickets: £3 on the door